Thailand Ladyboy Areeya

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Bamboo Bed
Does my cute blue hair pin make me look like a good girl tonight? Well I am hardly that because tonight I am really horny. I have always wondered what I taste like because I have seen the reaction of a sexy man as he wraps his lips around my special surprise. I am quite flexible and pulling my legs behind my neck to see if I can reach is so hot. It just reminds me how much I love to have a cock inside of me. Lucky for me I brought my blue beads as well, with every push deep inside of me it reminds me of you being gentle as you penetrate my fine ladyboy ass. You can start slow with me but you know how I like it, show me what you got in your pants and let's play.
Stocking Suck
How to get the most out of your dildo.. For today's demonstration I'm wearing a kinky leather bra top and neck strap, a chained PVC pantie pouch, to temporarily hammock my stiffening cock, lace stockings running all the way up my long smooth legs, and some serious 'cum fuck me' stiletto heels.. I start by getting that big dildo nice and wet, licking and sucking the balls and running my tongue all the way up the shaft before giving a deep and sloppy blow job. Now my cock is rock hard and my asshole is pulsating, it's out with the baby oil to lube up my hole and begin to ease the cock deep inside until my eyes are watering and I'm ready to shoot a large load..
Do you like Indian girls? I'm feeling shy and innocent in these traditional Hindu clothes...but also so sexy, and horny at the thought of practicing some real Kama sutra with you. As I peel off layer after layer, I'm getting hotter and more aroused as I show you everything from my petite, perfect feet, to my ready-and-waiting female buttlove tunnel...
Bed Dildo
Naughty Naughty do you like my new white nightie? I have been dreaming about you all night and I just happened to wake up with a very hard surprise. The things you do to me in my dreams gets me so excited. I just hope when you get home today you will make those dreams come true. For now though I need to play and that dildo you bought me really needs to be between my legs. I could be bad inside my bed all day with such a hard toy inside of me. Just close your eyes and imagine how horny I will be when you finally arrive, especially after thinking about you pushing deep into me all day. You better watch out because this is one day that I will not take no for an answer!
Dildo Barbie
Do you think I look pretty in Pink? Seeing as you like Pink so much is it ok if I flash you all my pinks bits?.. giggle.. They say that pink evokes calm, tender and romantic feelings, but when I'm all dressed up in my little pink panties and bend over to strap up my 5 inch stripper heels, guys seem to be anything but calm, I can feel a red hot fire of lust burning out of their eyes, running up my pink fishnet clad, smooth long legs, longing to spank my ass! As for being tender or romantic, I'm always happy to be wined and dined, but in these sexy clothes I'd much rather be sixty-nined!