Thailand Ladyboy Areeya

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Boots Dildo
Red is the color of the fire that burns behind my eyes.. Red is the color of the passion you'll feel when you kiss my lips (and I don't mean my mouth.. giggle).. Red is the color of my 'hooker' boots, which tell you I just want to get fucked.. Red is the color of my fishnet stockings, which wait for your hand to run up along my smooth tanned legs.. Red is the color of my PVC Panties which struggle to cover my shaven ass hole, smooth balls and bulging cock.. Red is the color of my skin tight Basque, which squeezes my large breasts together.. But Blue is the color of my 9inch vibrating dildo, which I lube up and fuck my ass, when I'm waiting for you to come home..
The rise of Areeya
It was close encounters of the third sex.. With perfectly sculptured feminine bodies and monster cocks for deep anal probing, the transsexed androids had landed. These nymphos had been floating in space for light years, clearly bored, lonely and incredibly horny, they had arrived to take out their sexual frustration on us. Men were pinned to the ground, their asses pounded into submission, women forced to take two, even three probes at a time, it was rough stuff and no one was safe, no one except 'the chosen one'.. Her name was Areeya, she was a perfect 10, with large shapely breast, smooth tanned skin and an ass you just want to eat out. We were...
I am feeling very submissive tonight and I need to be disciplined. I have been a very naughty girl lately and I need you to teach me a lesson. Tell me I been a bad girl and crack that whip across my firm ass. I need to be controlled by you, I see you are putting those handcuffs around my wrists, what else can I do but obey your wishes. I am your prisoner now and if I ever want a taste of freedom again I have to do whatever you say. You can demand me to get on my knees and spread my legs, take out my ladyboy surprise or just wrap my lips around your hard cock. Tonight I am your sex slave and all your wishes are my commands.
Dress Up
I love dressing to please my man. Lay back and watch me slide into my latest sexy outfit. I'll roll up these kinky blue fishnet stockings, don't they look hot with the matching gloves?.. How does it make you feel as I slide up this naughty white dress.. Oh! It doesn't cover my breasts. I bet your cock is about as hard as my nipples right now.. Now I'm strapping up my big white 'cum fuck me' boots, and I can see your eyes have already drifted up to see my hard cock throbbing, you've only got one thing on your mind! Like I said, I am to please, so I'll just bend over, spread my legs and let you take it from here!
Horny Maid
Room service! I've been sent to your room to give you the 'Areeya Morning Glory' breakfast buffet, which is best served HOT HOT HOT.. Dressed in my kinky maid outfit the full menu is on show. This silky blue maid top lifts up to reveal my large firm breast, which wait your open mouth to draw close and bite my hard nipples. My naughty luminous blue fishnet stockings are rolled up my long smooth legs to my warm thick thighs, awaiting your tongue. With my blue mini skirt lifted up and my little white panties pulled to one side, you can see my pulsating asshole and cock throbbing at full power, waiting for you to take off your clothes and begin your feast..