Thailand Ladyboy Areeya

About me

1. Where were you born?
Sukhothai, Thailand
2. What is your astrological sign?
Aries, my birthday is April 2nd, 1981.
3. What are your measurements?
4. Are you single?
5. Why is that?
Well, I love my freedom, and don’t really like dealing with jealousy or drama.
6. Where do you live?
Phuket, Thailand. But I also have an apartment in Bangkok and visit Pattaya frequently in the winter.
7. Any other cities you visit regularly?
Singapore and Hong Kong.
8. Tell us your favorite foods.
For Thai food, I love Tom Yam Goong. For international food, I love black pepper steak… but it has to be well-prepared!
9. Favorite color?
Black and white, and sometimes red.
10. What are your favorite sports?
Jet-skiing and fishing.